M.V.D.S.A Tuesday Handicap League   October 21, 2013 at 10:46pm

Course for final week

Holes 1-9 are the main course in which you have to finish. Holes 10-12 are bonus holes hopefully everyone will play to keep the 12 hole thing going.

Hole 1: Tee pad 12 to portable basket in spider tree next to creek. Island hole. Must land between path and creek on all shots. Re-tee till land in island. Once in island normal OB rule.

Hole 2: Tee off path near basket 12 to basket 1.

Hole 3: Tee off backstop blacktop to basket 4. Mando left of bridge. In or over creek deep OB. On or over road OB. Grass/dirt area(basket 2) between crossing path near basket 2 and creek OB. OB line at end of creek to road. Par 4.

Hole 4: Tee pad 9 to basket 5. Must land between path and road on all shots. Re-tee. Once on island normal OB rule.

Hole 5. Tee pad 6 to basket 7.

Hole 6: Tee pad 8 to basket 9. Mando right of normal tree. Drop zone tee pad 10.

Hole 7: Tee off path near tee pad 11 to portable basket in circle of trees near table by flag pole. Grass OB. On or over path OB.

Hole 8: Tee off path near restrooms to basket 10. On or over path right OB.

Hole 9: Hole 11.

Play holes 10-12 if time.

Hole 10: Tee off path, near bench at tee in path towards tee pad 4, to basket 3. On or over path OB. In and over creek OB.

Hole 11: Tee pad 4 to portable basket right of bench. On and over path OB.

Hole 12: Tee off grass near corner of building to portable basket by big tree near tee pad 12. Island hole. Must land within flag line on all shots. Re-tee. Once on island normal OB rule.