Adam Johnson  › 2013 Manhattan Area Ace Race   October 4 at 9:54pm

I have a couple star tee birds, 11x tee bird, classic aviar, cpl flat rocs, cpl pre avery destroyers, some star wraiths, blizz wraith, orion ls, ghost, hysteria, suspect, escape. Always interested in PD's, firebirds, M2, m1, melon z buzzzs, zones, soft or chalky wizards, sline p2

Adam Johnson   October 4 at 9:55pm

cpl z nukes

Kevin Clouse   October 6 at 10:01am

interested in the tbirds and pre avery destroyers

Adam Johnson   October 6 at 8:57pm

i traded the 11x and on of the destroyers to austin. i do still have two star teebirds and a red bottom stamp destroyer, older star stamp as opposed to the bubble letters

Alan Fox   October 18 at 11:07pm

idk if i have anything u throw adam but the escape and a teebird id be interested in

Adam Johnson   October 19 at 11:02am

awesome, unfortunately my plans changed and i wont be at the swap meet but im sure we can work something out can work something out