Lou Dogg  › Kenai Eagle Open 2013   September 26 at 3:21pm

Last call to add your name to the registration list.

Pro Tip: TD's love not having a lot to do the morning of. In fact, they too would like to warm up before the tournament. Help your fellow TD by letting them know you'll be there. This way they can have everything done up for you so when you get there, you simply pay, get your disc, then go warm up. It really is appreciated :-)

Joe Schacht   September 27 at 2:01am

I'll be there!

Lou Dogg   September 27 at 7:28am

You do it right! You're usually one of the first to register. I'm talking to those who just show up.

Joe Schacht   September 27 at 3:20pm

Lou you going down morning of?

Lou Dogg   September 27 at 3:23pm

Yes sir! Cassidy and I.

Andy Nichols   September 27 at 9:23pm

Sign me up looks like i can make it. Open #38469