Rick Saffeels    September 9 at 6:29pm

Woodmansee is getting worked on right now!! Looking AMAZING!!!

Steve Moore   September 9 at 8:13pm

What are you up to at Woodmansee? Should have let me know you were going to my old home course.

Rick Saffeels   September 9 at 8:17pm

Bummer just headed home and was playing a quick 18. -7 on a perfect sunny day

Steve Moore   September 9 at 8:56pm

What work was being done and by who? City getting mowing done? Maybe I can get excited about the place again.

Rick Saffeels   September 9 at 8:57pm

Hole 1-2 got brush, bushes, trees and grass worked on by the city :)

Steve Moore   September 9 at 9:04pm

2 fairway when shooting to right basket position got mowed? Now we need to move basket that way if so.

Steve Moore   September 9 at 9:59pm

Did you notice any bee's nests. Maybe calls to city may have worked or may be just coincidence. Never know with city and parks dept

Daneger Jones   September 12 at 1:14am

I ran into a big hornets nest on hole 2/10? maybe a week ago. it was at the base of a big oak tree not in the way of the hole butt if you dump a flick over like I did you''ll find it. lol.

Rick Saffeels   September 12 at 1:15am

Yeah man lots of bees. See you all friday for Frolfers!