John Reifschneider  › Merrill Park West   September 7 at 1:19am

Did some course maintenance this week added some limestone in front of the pads that needed it more to come we hope to have brooms mounted to each tee this Sunday, and if we have time trim up the 14 drop zone back to orginal size on its opening to the basket, the park removed a few bees nest and add more trash cans.

Bryan Centers   September 7 at 10:49am


Scott Hespen   September 7 at 1:40pm

Nice! Find any discs? I have 2 in there somewhere

John Reifschneider   September 7 at 1:42pm

No sorry no disc, we only did fairway work lol

Rory Clark   September 13 at 2:01pm

looking great!