2013 Wednesday Night Doubles   September 5 at 8:28pm

Dubs Finale Invitations

The following list is of those who qualified for the Wednesday Night Dubs Finale which will be held this Wednesday at 6:15 pm. Or once all 12 have arrived, whichever happens first. Please do your part to ensure you're there on time if not sooner. It will be appreciated by your fellow peers.

1. Joe Schacht - 146

2. Louie Orozco - 113

3. Som Bouasri - 109

4. Russ Janeway - 101

5. Mike Miles - 96

6. Andy Severson - 96

7. Jeremy Boyd - 95

8. Brian Cassidy - 94

9. Cas Abramczyk - 90

10. Adam Klein - 90

11. John Thein - 90

12. Nick Collaer - 87

Please help me by responding to this thread if you'll be there. Thanks!

Brian Cassidy   September 5 at 8:33pm

I will be there. thanks

Joe Schacht   September 5 at 8:42pm

I'm in

John Thein   September 5 at 8:57pm

U know I'm in yeah!

Shay Stewart   September 5 at 9:00pm

Yay! JT$!

John Thein   September 5 at 9:02pm

Thx shay awesome round yesterday thanks again:)

Shay Stewart   September 5 at 9:05pm

Told you we'd kick ass last night!

John Thein   September 5 at 9:50pm

Yes u did way to play!!!! ud83dude0eThx again!!

Jeremy Boyd   September 6 at 1:16am

I'll be there, not sure my game will though

Adam Klein   September 6 at 3:26am

I be there

Joe Schacht   September 6 at 4:41pm

Come on big Jerm you good

Casimir Abramczyk   September 9 at 10:06pm

I'm very happy to be included in such fine company! You know I'll be there! (making 100% attendance for me this summer ;))

Joe Schacht   September 9 at 10:31pm

Nice Cas!