Rick Saffeels  › Pac-West Disc Golf Alliance   August 4 at 2:53am

Just to let you know, we had our first group of disc golfers throwing on the Permanent baskets at Canyonview Camp today. If you are interested in playing, there are no tee pads built or signage, but its worth the trip :) I will be your personal guide if you pick a time that works with your schedule and mine. 503-508-3113. Also very excited about the Wheatland DGC!! Two thumbs up!

ROGUE RIDER   August 4 at 9:30am

lets do this...

Brent Cameron   August 4 at 9:58am

Course is SICK!!!!

AGRO JACKSON   August 4 at 1:39pm

i been workin a lotbut have tomrrow an tuesday off. any way we can play the next two days? call me please. havent been on here in a while

Rick Saffeels   August 4 at 6:01pm

Yeah! Either day works! Just let me know the time (4:00-5:30pm is the best time, because campers will be there until 4

ROGUE RIDER   August 4 at 11:35pm

6:30 to late to T-off monday evening?

AGRO JACKSON   August 5 at 10:33am

im n tonight!!!!!!. let us know please. miss u guys

Rick Saffeels   August 5 at 3:07pm

So I have a softball game now at 7pm. So sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but today isn't going to work :( :( :( Sad day. Let's still do it this week please!

Rick Saffeels   August 5 at 3:07pm

Tuesday still works!

AGRO JACKSON   August 5 at 8:14pm

sounds good call u tom..