Friday Night Singles at Dallas City Park   July 17, 2013 at 2:12pm

Safari Night at Dallas

This week will be some Safari Golf. There will be normal holes and safari holes. Normal 530 sign ups and 6 teeoff. There will be some extra CTPS this week as well. Layout goes as following-

Hole 1- Normal

Hole 2- Flags to basket 2

Hole 3- Flags behind 3's teepad to basket 5

Hole 4- 6's teepad to 4's basket

Hole 5- Flags up road to 6's basket

Hole 6- 7's teepad to 3's basket

Hole 7- Flags on road to 7's basket

Hole 8- Flags by bathrooms to 8's basket

Hole 9- Normal

Hole 10- Normal

Hole 11- Flags by normal 11's teepad to 11's basket

Hole 12- Normal with a mando between the V tree. (Local route)

Hole 13- Flags to 13's basket

Hole 14- Flags to the left of teepad to 14's basket

Hole 15- Normal

Hole 16- Normal

Hole 17- Flags by entrance of park to 17's basket (par 4)

Hole 18- Normal (Sidewalk and over O.B.)