Kyle B  › Lakeshore   July 12 at 12:05pm

Unmarked Red Elite X Comet w/silver stamp. Last seen careening into the pond on #13. It was my second shot. Stupid stupid stupid. Is there still the book at The Throw Shop to write this in?

Ben Calhoun   July 12 at 12:06pm

Done. Got to wonder, how was it your 2nd shot?

Paul Doherty   July 12 at 1:09pm

Didn't know there was a book to keep track of these things. I tossed a bar stamped cryztal flx challenger in the pond on 13 about a month ago. Was maybe 10-20 feet in off the shore from the far side. Has my number on it.

Kyle B   July 15 at 10:47am

If you must know, Ben, I threw off of the short tree around the corner of pond. It nicked off the right side of the pine and towards #14 tee. I had a 100' or so back to the pin. i knew it COULD happen, just didn't think it WOULD.

Ben Calhoun   July 25 at 11:48am

Kyle- found your Comet today, most likely being the only unmarked red x one with a silver stamp. Good thing no one stole it yet. It's in the lost and found.

Kyle B   July 25 at 12:09pm

Woo! Thanks, Ben. I should be by Friday for it.

Ben Calhoun   July 25 at 12:13pm

Lucky it hadn't been stolen already