Travis Smith  › Wickes Woods   July 3 at 9:58pm

Played the course for the first time today. Very nice! Thanks Jim, Lammi, Ryan, and anyone else that worked on and got the course installed.

Jakkob Lammi   July 3 at 10:25pm

your welcome

Jim Fries   July 3 at 10:35pm

thank you for the compliment.

Paul Tribble   July 3 at 11:45pm

Lmao! Something like that travis...

Matt Homan   July 4 at 3:10am

it is a great course i still hate hole 6 though lol

Jim Fries   July 4 at 11:38am

whats so funny pauly? Your part of the course is still their, pauls wall of logs hole 1 left side.

Jim Fries   July 4 at 11:39am

Keith designed hole 6 and 14.

Paul Tribble   July 4 at 12:36pm

Haha, too funny jimmy... Just curious who called you to come help out? Lmao.. Keep it classy as usual Jim.

Paul Tribble   July 4 at 12:59pm


Travis Smith   July 6 at 12:06pm

Thank you Paul. I still have your Roc.