Thomas "T" D.  › George Bodiroga   July 2, 2013 at 11:06am

Congratulations on the GrandMasters win at The Beaver State Fling, George. Neg 1 is a great score for the 3rd round and a great way to storm back for the win. Job well done.

Thomas Johnson   January 28 at 12:23am

you still have your course?

Thomas "T" D.   January 28 at 10:36am

I do still play my course. Give me a week or two and hit me up again to play. Thanks!

Thomas Johnson   January 28 at 7:46pm

I live down the hill from you

Thomas "T" D.   January 28 at 7:56pm

You have the DB5 in your yard?? I'd love to show you the course but we are really busy for the next week or so, Thomas. I'd like to introduce myself soon and we'll throw The Hillside.