Mt Pleasant Disc Golf   June 30 at 10:34pm

Wildwood Baskets are IN!!

We played a dusk round tonight on our new Wildwood course at Deerfield Nature Park. The tee signs and directional signs have yet to be planted (Tuesday?), so if you decide to play it, there's a pretty good chance you'll get lost! :) Thanks to everyone who has helped make this happen, and thanks to the Isabella Parks for their help too (especially TJ and Zach!).

Here's a google map of the layout that may help until the signs are in:

Richard Denomme   July 1 at 12:14pm

well, this is most unexpected, yet pleasant, news!

Jake Acton   July 3 at 1:28pm

Does the course have tee signs in today? I am going to head out there tonight and take a crack at it!

Craig Clingan   July 3 at 2:29pm

I don't think so. Sorry.