PANAMA CITY CHAIN GANG   June 26, 2013 at 3:09am

Club Event!!!!!

Chain Gang vs Playground
Where: ChainDragon @ Freeport
When: 07/13/13
Cost: FREE (strictly for club bragging rights)

***8:00 players meeting @ #1 teepad***
Immediately following players meeting:
~Round Challenge~
2 rounds of 18 (36 holes total)
Doubles match (players pick teams)
Equal teams per side (Chain Gang vs PlayGround)
Total scores for entire sides, low score wins

~Break 1 hour for Lunch (not provided) ~

After lunch there will be 2 events for additional bragging rights :)
Long Drive Competition: {if we can use the field}
3 heats of 2 throws per player
1 point for longest distance, 2 points for accuracy (hitting inside the soccer net @ 350 feet)
(Since its team based, if 3 playground players throw farther than the farthest chain gang player, 3 total points would be awarded)
Equal teams per side
Total scores for entire sides, high score wins

Bulls-eye Ring of Fire:
All players start @ 20' from basket, everyone putts individually (fast paced round robin style). Successful putts will move to next ring @ 30' from basket, putting again. Repeated in 10' increments until the last person is standing. When there are 2 players left, if the players miss, they continue to re-throw from their last successful ring until 1 player is left standing. Since this is a team based event, once all players from one side have been knocked out (meaning that there are 2+ players left, but from the same team) the players must choose who will be the winner of that heat.
When the next heat starts, previous heat winners cannot participate. Once a team (PlayGround or Chain Gang) has 3 heat winners, they are the winners of the event.

All of these events will more than likely take up the best portion of the day, so be prepared. You do not have to stay/participate in the afternoon events if you so choose. Please note that these events are strictly for bragging rights and primarily to grow/promote healthy club growth and relationships. Please let me know by 07/06/13 via email ([email redacted]) or text (229-805-7273) if you will be participating so I can include you in the roster, as well as communicate with playground disc golf to get an equal showing of team members. Note: If you DO NOT notify me of your participation, I will NOT assume you will be there.

Chris Whittle   June 26, 2013 at 8:22am

Or you can send me a private message on here to confirm your participation :D