2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   June 13 at 6:32am

Wednesday League Week #9

Rain Tuesday, no rain Wednesday, rain Thursday...see the trend? Had a bunch of new people and some old faces that haven't been around in a while. It was great to see the Demillos, Trip and Mike Dudczak back. Showing up for the first time was Mike Thomas, Amanda Thomas, George Sclavos and Luscious Luciano Legend. That's not really his last name, but I couldn't spell his real one. Awesome weather yet again lured 42 people to Oxbow last night. I'm sure the 360$ ace pool had nothing to do with it. There was a 4 way tie for 1st. We did a CTP from the practice basket up to 1 and eliminated 2 teams, then a CTP on 3 to establish 1st and 2nd cash. Top spots were:

Crowley / Sclavos - 46 - 60$ (always great to have a new player win big!)

KC / Fly boy O'Malley - 46 - 38$

Billy / Spicybrown Ash - 46 - 30$

Basilio / Bargabos - 46 - 30$

Evil / Ace chaser Kilbury - 47 - 16$

Me / Lucas East - 47 - 16$

Spensaw / *D* - 48 - 10$

Osborn / Bowman - 48 - 10$


A pool on hole 3 was Osborn for 14$.

B pool on hole 4 was Tony D for 14$.

C pool on hole 10 was Ash for 14$.

Ace pool is now at 360$ and counting....

Thanks all for coming out. The amount of players each week has been incredible. Lots of new regulars this year. Good luck to all shooting in tourneys this weekend.