Panama City Chain Gang Bag Tag Challenge 2013   May 7, 2013 at 1:33am

Mandatory Matches Expire 05/22/13!

Attention all tag holders!!!!!!

In addition to the new bag tag season, and in an effort to keep the club active and communicating, there have been random names drawn for mandatory matches. The only exceptions to these matches are emergencies or extended absence of parties involved.

Please find your name in the following line-up of mandatory matches:

#1) Kirk Maddox vs Erik Konkoli
#2) Tommy Wheeler vs David (Sarge) Miller
#3) Scott Ramsey vs Bryan Taylor
#4) Joe Trupiano vs Jasper Pothoven
#5) Kyle Menard vs Tim Stuhr
#6) Chris Whittle vs Trey Timler
#7) Mike Hurd vs James Kelly
#8) John Adams vs Darrell Cornelius
#9) Phil Prichard vs James Klyzub
#10) Chris Hurd - Pass
#11) York Bowen vs Daniel Prinslow
#12) Mike Oliver - Pass
#13) Marc Breeze - Pass
#14) Tim Ouimet vs Chris Leith
#15) David Rusheed vs James Dormer
#16) Rick Esser vs Debbie Kutner

These matches are to be held at a time that is convenient for the parties involved. Contact your opponent on or contact one of the club staff to get your opponents email/phone number. These matches are mandatory by 05/22/13. If the involved parties agree to not participate, then tags will not be swapped. If lower tag party is willing, but higher tag party is "unavailable" for 2 weeks, then the tags will swap automatically after 2 weeks. The matches can be whatever the 2 parties agree on: 36-hole, 18-hole, 9-hole, CTP, ROF, Best of 3-holes, flip a disc, horseshoe style, ace race style... I really could care less how you determine a winner, as long as both parties meet and agree. I do ask that you do these matches in your own time; tournaments, monthly bag-tags, and league nights do not count toward your match. You can always do your matches after these events if both parties agree to.

The purpose of this is to keep the club tags active, and make the top tag holders work to keep their lower numbers, as well as give the higher tag holders a chance at lower numbers since you can't always just run into a lower tag on the courses.

Please note: The way that we determined these matches was that we (Scott, Turbo Tim, and myself) split the club tags in half. We drew a high number tag and a low number tag at complete random. In the mix, I added (2) passes that will allow that tag holder an opportunity to automatically defend their tag.

Additional note: On the line-up there are (3) passes, this is because currently there is no one holding a #30 tag, hence an empty slot or pass.

Please, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to email me at [email redacted], or call/text at 229-805-7273

Now go throw already!