2012 Pelham Tag League   April 24, 2013 at 11:13am

New 2013 League Site Up!

Hi Everyone,

First, I apologize for the 5x email blast last week. I got a server error when posting the news and tried to refresh the page, which turned out to be a bad idea...

The 2013 league site is now up and running and will be used for all league news and communication going forward:

If you haven't yet shown up for a 2013 league day and would like to be added to the 2013 league list so you can receive emails, please let me know, or even better, show up for the next league round!

Speaking of the next league round, we are organizing a Tee Pad Improvement Work Session this coming Sunday 4/28 @ 8:30am, right before the normal Sunday league start. We will initially target some of the most needy tee boxes, tackling some root removal and dirt leveling activities among other things. Those interested in lending a hand are encouraged to bring some work gloves and any tools they have that may be of assistance, such as metals rakes, hoes, shovels, loppers, work gloves, etc.

Thanks, and hope to see everyone again soon!