Sunday Snow Throwers   March 24, 2013 at 4:37pm

Sunday Snow Throwers ends . . . hopefully so does the snow!

We had a long long winter but that is what kept this league going for 12 weeks total. My plan is to do the same 12 weeks next year but move it back to the first week in December so we can finish before the tournament season kicks off.

Here are the divisional winners:


1st Place: Paul Johnson

2nd Place: Steve Held


1st Place: Mike Harrington

2nd Place: Jeromy Morgan

3rd Place: Matt Atherton


1st Place: Pat Brah

2nd Place: Greg Weber (the only person with perfect attendance at all 12 weeks)


1st: David Whiteside (who also hit the $63 Ace Pool . .. also his first ace ever) That will keep him coming back!

See you all tomorrow at Manic Mondays at 6PM at Valley View. Let's have some great spring weather for the next league!!!