DISC GOLF OR DIE   March 4, 2013 at 11:15am

DGOD! News 3/4

***MARCH 16th- DGOD! Disc Golf and Legacy Discs Present: The 2013 Legacy Ace Run!

March 16th, 10am @ Lunchtime DGC.

18 holes, 2 Rounds. + Ring of Fire.

Player Packs include:




Only $30

Lunch available on site.

Optional Ace pot for: first Ace(25%), longest Ace(25%), and most Ace's(50%)

Ace Run winner will receive 10 Legacy Discs + 2 hats + vinyl decal.

Dont miss it! Register now at

****After Party at the Cider Mill! Noah B's Birthday! Great food, Great Beer, right next to Lunchtime DGC!


Sloppy Sundays with Vince Epker! EVERY SUNDAY! $5+1. CTP's galore!

Random draw doubles. 12:30pm sign in.

$4 Payout

$1 Trophey fund

$1 Optional ace pot


April 27th - Dynamic Discs 2 disc challenge!

More info soon!


Dub Debrie Dubs! 67 teams! Great time! Thanks to Michelle Sawyer!

Mens Advanced Final Results:

JR Stengele Toby "Footloose" Cheff "Emerald City Chainbangerz" 101 - First Place

Dan Brown Jr Zack Beltz 101 - 2nd Place

Nicholas Somppi Travis Head "weapons of grass destruction" 101 - 3rd Place

Cody Fuller Dusty Adkins 102

Kenny Hall John Witt 102

Fella Kyle C 104

Paul Compton Ben Gookin 104

Ian Clark Williams Andy Verhoeven 105

Matty-O Michael Cooksley 107

Mitch Bennet Tyler Kewley 107

Shay Adin 108

Joe Winn Xander Waibel 108

Crazy Mike Chris Jones 108

Rich Raymond BJ Houck 108

Jason Choate Paul Dennis 108

Jerry Ron 109

Christopher Schaich Dan Brown 111

Mike Meyers Andy Larson 112

Bill Daviau Mark Johansen 112

Brandon Miguel 113

Aaron Baker David Smith 116

Ryan James Nick Finnested 124

Mens Intermediate:

Daniel Chambliss Aaron Ussery 84 - 1st Place

Anthony Chiver Jeremy Beckwith "Chain Damage" 84 - 2nd Place

Marc Gumpenberger Rick Grimmit 86

Charles Wasenmiller Paul Carabajal 89

John Gormon Joe Wesley 89

John Long Lucky 90

Vinnie Josh 90

Page Jenkins Eric Albin 91

Tray Hoffman Dj Hoffman 91

Josh M Aaron Walker 91

Craig Collins Jason Lockart 91

Greg Shiller Chris Kuhlman 91

Cody Hartman Matt Hylton 92

Steven Ball Jeremy Sines 94

Michael Gordon Richard Oglesby 94

Tanner Patric 95

Terry Kenney Evan Roda 95

Robby Joe 96

Will Weglage Matt Freeland 99

Chris Lundquist Steve Lundquist 99

Lee Potter Chris Francis "Big Dog" 100

Brandon Lanius Remmy Renwick 100

McKenzie Blake 101

Jeremy Fischer Erik Fischer 107

Brady Russell AJ Lomax 108

Doug Powers Jason Thoma 110

Doug Collins Kenny Collins DNF


Cindy McMahan Emma Hanley "McRuffle Butt" 92 - 1st Place

Jen Barajas Julie Choate 110 - 2nd Place

Nancy Cralley Marie Houck 111


Ned Blaisdell Vanessa Blaisdell "The Blazes" 88 - 1st Place

Crist Garcia Amber Garcia 89 - 2nd Place

Seth Gordon Brea Kwan 90

Jenn Tech Ryan Tech 92

Shawn Wilberscheid Eric Wilbersheid 94

David Moore Morgan Moore 95

Samantha McClain George Adams 99

Jerry Kirkland Lacey Lasley 100

Kevin Rivera Jessie Moore 103

Sunny Summer Jake Baldry 107

Oliver Manuel Breezy Billings 109

Tex Perry 110