Black & White   February 24, 2013 at 8:58pm


Seymour Lake was a fun course that was new to some of us and home to others. The expansive course offered a great mix of holes and challenges but the most prominent challenge of the day was getting a good foothold on the large sheets of ice. There were several shots that quickly became dangerous as our players slipped around on their follow through. Even the trek from hole to hole was a bit slippery.

Overall we had the usual crew out there with Kyle dominating the course with his long open drives. Through both rounds the course seemed favorable to his long arm and allowed a great chance for skins. Once the short and slippery holes came into play everyone else came alive but didn't necessarily cash out the skins bank.

Most improved this round is Randy Gallagher Sr. learning the ins and outs of his BP Stalker getting some good distance and control. For his second time out in the league he even took home skins in the singles match beating out Seymour veteran Dirk JvG.

CTP winners were Tim Burton, Randy Gallagher II, and Kyle Jansen.

The Seymour event was one for surprises with massive winds and slick terrain. In march we will be traveling to Deerfield in Mt Pleasant, MI. See you on the course.