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Alaska Disc Golf Association
Club Meeting - 1/8/13


1. Leagues Update – (Louie). How have winter leagues been going? What’s the plan for the rest of the winter and next summer for leagues?

2. Westchester Update – (Tim K?). What is the status of the course for 2013? What plans does the ADGA have for Westchester in 2013? Does Anchorage Parks and Rec. have plans for Westchester in 2013 and do they plan to build another recreational course in town? Who will be the ADGA contact for future Westchester projects?

3. Hilltop Update – (Brian). Our equipment lease is up and we need to negotiate a new deal. We currently have about $8,000 of equipment up at hilltop and they paid us $1750 for the previous two years of use. We would like to maintain our relationship with them however; we need an agreement in place that is fair to both parties. The options discussed at last meeting were: a) Hilltop buys all equipment from the ADGA, b) Hilltop continues to lease at a higher rate, or c) Hilltop returns our equipment and we sell it or use it at another course.

4. Peter’s Creek Update – (Edan). The ADGA is planning a large scale course maintenance project for the Fletcher Armstrong Memorial Disc Golf Course at Peter's Creek. We would like to install cement tee pads on all holes to provide better footing for players. The goal is to complete this project by mid-summer so that the course will be ready for our annual State Championship tournament. We may need a bobcat or some other type of equipment to help with digging and we will need to bring in some gravel and cement. As spring approaches, we will start recruiting volunteers and contacting contractors.

5. Alaska Disc Golf Championships Update - (Brian). Due to the increased number of participants at states this year, we will need to have the tournament at two different courses in 2013. The AKDGC will be held at Kincaid and Peter’s Creek with different divisions playing the courses on different days. We will need two Tournament Directors each day, one for Kincaid and one for PC. Course maintenance projects at Kincaid and PC must be completed before the tournament.

6. ADGA Positions/Responsibilities for 2013:

Kurtis Schoenberg – President/Homer rep.
Edan Badajos - Vice President/Secretary/Moose Pretzel rep.
Brian Gutzwiller - Parks and Rec. Liaison/Course Maint. Coordinator
Louie Orozco - Treasurer/Leagues/Membership Coordinator
Josh Jones - PDGA State Coordinator/Fairbanks rep.
Tim K. - Russian Jack/Westchester rep.
Thad M. - Hilltop rep.
John S. - Juneau rep.
Andrew J. - Kenai/Soldotna rep.
Jerry Lavine - Public Relations?
Jeremy B, Andrew D, Adam K, Patrick M - Tournament Directors?

7. 2013 Tournament Schedule – Possible events include:

Spring Tourney – May (Homer – Jack Gist) MPDGC
Forest Fling – May (Girdwood) MPDGC
Gangster Branch Open – June (Homer – Moose Pretzel) MPDGC
Solstice – June (Fairbanks) Cam
AKDGC – (Kincaid/PC) Brian
Eagle Open – (Kenai/Soldotna - Eeagle/Skyview) MPDGC
Tall Grass Open – Sept (Homer –Moose Pretzel) MPDGC
Fall Tourney – Oct (Homer – Jack Gist) MPDGC
Jailhouse – (PC) Louie
King of the Hill – (Hilltop) Thad M
Fairbanks Open – (Birch Hill) Josh J
Greatland Cup – (Juneau) John S.
Turkey Tourney – (Westchester) Brian

Ice Bowl?
King of the Bowl? – Brian
Russian Jack?
Season Finale?
AK Dubs?
Ace Race?

8. Next Meeting?

Andrew DiRoma   January 9, 2013 at 8:37am

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