Hanson Hills  › Hanson Hills Recreation Area   June 21, 2011 at 10:53am

New Grayling Rotary Pine Knoll Disc Golf Course is Open!

Hanson Hills has 9 New Disc Baskets, placed White Short Tee posts, Blue Long Tee posts and is open for serious fun.

Our main goal was to accommodate the beginning to intermediate disc golf players and members of the community that just want to get out and enjoy a beautiful stroll through the Hanson Hills refuge and old Pine Knoll campground.

The first Tees are set on the edge of the tree line next to the Softball field and begin with an easy 135’, right curving shot into the woods. Every hole is a Par 3, with distances averaging only 218 feet from the Short White Tees.

All 9 holes have Blue markers for Long Tees shots as well. Beginners can start with the shorter shots the first time through the loop then shoot a round from the Long Blue Tees the second round for a slightly harder but completely different look at the same basket. Long Blue Tees average 290 feet per hole, with one Par 4 hole in the wide open fairway of Hole #7.

(For those keeping track in GRAs “Walk 100 Program” the White Loop is a total of 3,425 feet and Blue Loop is 4,071 feet. A full round of 18 Holes is approximately 1 ½ miles walked. Keep logging those miles…)

The course is certainly playable and we will add little details as fast as we can to make this new course as great as our Grayling Rotary Championship level course!