BGSU - Club Disc Golf   July 16, 2012 at 9:46pm

Gearing up for the New School Year and Collegiate Disc Golf Season

Our mission is to train, travel and compete at the collegiate level for a shot at the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship. The spirit of the club will be of a competitive nature, but very conducive to an environment of learning, camaraderie, and healthy rivalry. BGSU Club Disc Golf will promote the disc golf sport in the surrounding community of Bowling Green and positively represent the university both at home and on the road.

We are looking to get in contact with surrounding schools that have club teams to set up scrimmages and tournaments. We will compete at the Northeastern Collegiate Disc Golf Championship, SouthEast Collegiate Open, and Gateway Collegiate Classic Premier qualifying tournaments and other nearby qualifiers for a spot in the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship.

In addition to competing we plan on having weekly doubles scrambles throughout the school year and facilitating skills & technique work shops for new and seasoned players.

Individuals interested in joining the club should contact Stephen Howard at 419-819-7109 for more information. Being a current student as of the Fall 2012 semester is required.

Nate Langer   9 hours ago

So I know that I kinda didn't ever show up last year, however, I have started to platy a lot more as of this summer. I was just wondering if this club was going to be around for the 2014/2015 season.