summit dga   January 9, 2012 at 12:20pm

2012 Frozen Finger Fairway Charity Point Series kicks off with a bang

We as a group have kicked off another wonderful winter point series with a 40 degrees and sunny day of golf. We had a fantastic showing of 46 players that came out to support this 6 stop charity drive for the cleveland food bank. Thank you all for the support of the cause, and i hope to see you at the remainder of the events.

Thank you to Brian and Jason Parsons, Kevin Hitch, Mitch Renwick, Frank Lyons and Matt Stifler for helping with the nice spread. I am pleased to hear all of the great feedback.

We are at $414.00 Raised so far.

Be sure to check up on the rest of the points series coming up through the duration of this winter.

Points Standings after 1 event are as follows.

Platt, Greg MPO 13

Latina, Joe MPO 12

Dungan, Matt MPO 11

Schultz, Nick MPO 11

Bergquist, Greg MPO 9

Dalton, Chris MPO 9

Vaughn, Bill MPO 9

Parsons, Brian MPO 6

Kuehn, Ian MPO 5

Wilkinson, Alex MPO 4

Barbo, Cris MPO 3

Lyons, Frank MPO 2

Caughlin, Matt MPO 2

Martin, Mel FPO 3

Meloy, Katie FPO 2

Blair Harkins FPO 1

Reid, Adam MA1 15

Hartle, Scott MA1 14

Wolfe, Ben MA1 13

Parsons, Jason MA1 13

DeCapua, Jon MA1 11

Bramwell, Ben MA1 10

Deaner, P.K. MA1 10

Hyzer, Dan MA1 8

Randau, Tommy "Milkshake" MA1 8

Hitch, Kevin MA1 6

Broda, Mike MA1 6

Wernet, Eric MA1 6

Frew, Tyler MA1 3

Kovach, Jay MA1 3

Doss, Don MA1 1

Lammerding,Josh MA2 15

Panelley, Rob MA2 14

Schweda, Will MA2 14

May, Jim MA2 12

Sir Boston MA2 12

Keats, Bill MA2 10

Becker, Bob MA2 9

Humphrey, James MA2 8

Koczan, Duane MA2 8

Konzelman,Chris MA2 8

Renwick, Mitch MA2 5

Liss, Erock MA2 4

Stifler, Matt MA2 4

Stanek, Jeff MA2 2

Savage, Bill MA2 1