Erie Disc Golf Club   December 30, 2011 at 2:32am

Success in Small Steps

Hello everyone. The club is doing great! Everything is happening in the exact order it should. The club is making money while still producing enough funds for league prize payouts. We usually have two CTP prizes every round, which has turned out to be a big money maker. Things are going as well as they could be, considering its winter time! We’re headed into round eight and we’re bringing our game to Parma now for the remainder of the league. Remember guys, this is a champion caliber course. Watch your scores, remember your money shots and lower your average. Parma is not as difficult as most assume. We just need time to learn the layout more.

We know everyone had some DG gifts from Santa. Some bags, some discs… Nick Falanga even got a basket. Take your new gear, get out on the course and teach yourself more tricks.

The Wizards are soon to be ordered. We should be making an order sometime in early to mid January. Also, remember that the end of the year is only a day away, so get your membership renewals in. Any memberships purchased after October have been waived for renewal. Charter/Board member renewal: $10, Standard membership renewal: $15.

The Rochester Ice Bowl is on February 11, 2012. We want as many of you to go as possible. Check out for more info. Preregistering gets your disc set aside, you can choose from a variety. We’re sure these discs have stamps considering they are an Ice Bowl fund raiser disc. Also looked around on the web and found a couple Ice Bowl Discs for 2012. So, your registration and three non-perishable food items gets you in, and registration is between $15 and $30 depending on what disc you desire. Let’s all go to this and have a good time in the bitter cold. And remember, “No wimps, No Whiners”.

Let’s Start Talking about Team EDGC. A small team of players to send to PDGA sanctioned events to represent the club. We’ll leave you with that on your mind.