Motor City Chain Gang   December 3, 2011 at 10:24pm

Guy Gravitt Memorial...

Updated on January 19, 2012:

We have 22 prizes secured for this event. When we get 30 prizes we can begin scehduling a date. Right now it looks like March 18th or the 25th. Here is a proposed format:

$20 buy-in (100% goes to Guy's family and son)

1 18-hole round at Firefighters

The donations will be awarded to the players who achieve a CTP and Longest Putt on each hole.

We may throw in a longest drive or 2 in as well depending on the total prizes and then maybe raffle off the rest.

Send me a PM if you want to donate a prize or two. So far there have been some nice prizes already donated.

THANK YOU to those who donated so far...

1) CE Firebird

2) CE Valkyrie

3) Pre-Release 2011 Champion Ape

4) 1st Run Z Nuke OS

5) 2011 J-Bird RedWhiteBlue Cryztal Challenger

6) Gold Line Striker

7) ESP Flash Bell's Inspired Brewing

8) Echo Star Boss, Purple

9) 2011 PDGA US Am DGC, Red Sparkle, Z Nuke

10 1st Run Star Stamp Champion SL

11) 2011 Tim Selinski U.S. Masters DGC Champion Katana

12) Champion Tye Dye Eagle

13) Star Teebird Avery Jenkins Autographed

14) Star XCaliber Barry Schultz 3X Autographed

15) 1st Run R-Pro Wahoo + Ching BOMB Driver

16) 2012 PDGA Worlds Red Sparkled Champ TDevil

17) 2011 J-Bird Players Series Midland Open Cryztal Buzzz

18) Wagner Revival 2003 Discraft Elite X Wasp #12 of 50

19) Glo Z Buzzz J Bird Series 2011

20) ESP Banger GT Tye Dye

21) $25 Gift Card (CK Diggs)

22) $25 Gift Card (CK Diggs)