Capital City Disc Golf Club   November 8, 2011 at 10:41pm

NEW event from CCDG in 2012!!!!!!

The "Drive for show or Putt for dough" disc golf tournament is the brain child of Chubbyman. He wanted to force players to putt in a stroke-play format. This is how it works;

-Players will receive a glow Aviar with the players pack.

-The Aviar is the only disc a player can putt with.

-Putting zone will be inside a 75ft circle around ea pin.

-Players will get 2 shots outside the putting zone.

-2 rounds of 18 holes, total strokes inside putting zone counted.


-Hole in 1 off tee------------------------------------- = 0 strokes

-Hole in 2 (1 off tee, 1 outside putting zone)------ = 0 strokes

-Hole in 3 (1 off tee, 1 up shot, 1 out of P.Z.)----- = 0 strokes

-Hole in 2 (1 off tee, 1 inside P.Z.)----------------- = 1 stroke

-Hole in 3 (1 off tee, 2 inside P.Z.)----------------- = 2 strokes

-Hole in 4 (1 off tee, 1 up shot, 2 inside P.Z.)----- = 2 strokes

-Hole in 4 (1 off tee, 1 up shot, 3 inside P.Z.)----- = 3 strokes

And so on.

-Top 3 players Cash from jackpot.

-Playoffs in the event of ties.

-Ace pot in effect!