DISC GOLF OR DIE   October 31, 2011 at 1:19pm

DGOD! News 10/31

Happy Halloween! Thanks to everyone who made it out to "The Children of the Course". I hope everyone had a great time! I want to say thanks to: The Greater Portland Bible Church and Lunchtime DGC, Tim "Sausage Guy" Malone and "mobile Chris", Gawain Stern and Sweet Plastic! All the DGOD! Members who helped out: Sam Gibson and Jayne, Andy V, Mike M, Jon Boy, Josh Pitt, Xander W, Kyle Lorts, Zack Belts, Big Al, Dusty Atkins, TREE S, BABUKA, Noah B, and Ang!

Congratulations to all the winners:


1st. Sean Bolen

2nd. Xander Waibel

3rd. Nate Kabza


1st. Sam Gibson

2nd. Darin McCoy

3rd. Mike Anderson/ David Babuka


1st. Jon Mannon

2nd. Kyle Lorts

3rd. Kyle Groff

ADV. Woman

1st. Brea Kwan/ Erin R.

INT. Woman

1st. Amiee Wagner

Costume contest

1st. Dusty Atkins

2nd Zack Beltz

3rd. Noah B

Pumpkin Carving Contest.

1st. Brett Finell

2nd. Crazy Dave

Skeleton Basket

1st. Xander Waibel

Also, we had 4 banners taken from the course: 2 Innova and 2 Discraft. If anyone knows what happened to them, please let me know!


Thanks again!