RIVAL CLUBS   July 22, 2012 at 12:43am


I have received the results from the RC3 and here are the results with the RIVAL CLUBS scoring system;

RC3 results;

General division- 1st place (Josh M. S.S.N.W) 4 points
2nd place (Tony S. M.V.D.S.A.) 3 points
3rd & 4th NO SHOW

Open division- 1st place (Jack R. S.S.N.W.) 4 points
2nd place (Jessie H. M.V.D.S.A) 3 points
3rd & 4th NO SHOW

Masters division- 1st place (Vince E. S.S.N.W) 4 points
2nd, 3rd & 4th NO SHOW

Grand Masters division- 1st place (Thomas D. S.S.N.W.) 4 points
2nd, 3rd & 4th NO SHOW

Woman's division- NO SHOW

JRs division- NO SHOW

RIVAL CLUBS Series standings;

M.V.D.S.A - 33 points

C.C.D.G. - 30 points

S.S.N.W. - 25 points

Chain Gang - 13 points

With all the "NO SHOW" slots where points could have been awarded I will be calling on the committee of TDs for their opinion on the protocol for what day of the week should be standard for RIVAL CLUBS. Since no rule was in affect at the day the RC3 was scheduled, I think the scores should count on that technicality. Expect a rule to be added for future events. Remember this is the first year of RIVAL CLUBS so we are learning. Next year I expect better communication in the committee of TDs.

Note: in the beginning of the RIVAL CLUBS I said this club operates EXCLUSIVELY on DGscene. Communicate using the RIVAL CLUBS page please, not your host clubs page.