Hi Point Hyzers   July 22, 2011 at 10:48pm

for the record

i will not make it this weekend have a birthday party to go to .but my two cents .

1.most holidays arent a problem except the spring league we have skipped easter the last two years and not skipped the others and this is the first year there was a problem.but if we skip every holiday in spring league we will be well into july or even aug before we can even entertain the idea of the next league.just some thoughts for you all.

2all league dates will be scheduled in advance because of the fiasco we had this year. and to all club members i apologize for the mix up.

3. there will be board changes our vp is non existent at this point for personal reasons. at the end of this year therewill be elections if someone wants the job of being a board member.

4.once league rules have been set for league play, these rules cannot be changed in the middle of the season.creates to much confusion.will try to have a printed copy before the league starts. far as the service road is concerned it should remain out of bounds in the spirit of the game. universal rules of disc golf make all hard surfaces out of bounds,except tee boxes which is against the rules to have these areas out of bounds. so my vote is keep service road OB.

6.novice and intermediate players are more than welcome to play with higher players to learn, but we must limit this in the later stages of the league and not on long tee days.

7.also we are probably gonna make the rules a little simpler for us so we dont have as many headaches. this is proposed rules all twelve weeks will count, and two weeks will be thrown out regardless of when they are played,also you will have 2 preplays if needed. if more are warranted the board must approve and we have been pretty lax on this guys and gals. just let us know of the circumstances and shouldnt be a problem.

8. if you have a suggestion please put it in writing and explain your idea so all of us on the board can read and draw our conclusions on the idea.we cant go on second hand information it gets construed and then the main idea is lost.

9 this is in response to jeffs comment on we should let the players make the rules for league well i believe that the board is made up of players and for the most part the different divisions are represented on the board. except maybe the intermediate division since duane moved to adv. just throwing that out there for ya.if i am doing such a poor job i will gladly step down if that is what is needed.

10. In closing we can not make everyone happy. all of us will have to make concessions at times. and by no means are we making people do things to satisfy us. it is still your decision to play or not to play you make your priorities not us.we try to make our decisions based on the club as a whole not on individual schedules. it is just a game and the purpose is to have fun.