Adirondack Disc Golf Association   May 25, 2011 at 10:11pm

Revised Bag Tag

Adirondack Disc Golf Association

Bag Tag Season will run from May 15, 2011 until September 5, 2011.

Bag Tag Rules:

1. Fees and Prizes:

a. Entry fee: $1.00 per player. No Prizes

b. The Bag Tag Challenge winner (i.e. the player with tag #1 on September 5, 2011) will receive a custom dyed Innova Star Roc proclaiming them the “Disc King of the Adirondacks 2011”

2. Making and accepting challenges:

a. Any singles round of 9 holes or more of disc golf between any tag holders is a challenge round.

b. Tag holders with higher numbers can challenge any single player with a lower tag number once every seven days.

c. A challenge must be accepted or rejected within 48 hours of being made, or it is an automatic rejection.

d. Accepted challenges must be resolved within 7 days and the results submitted on

3. Rules during play:

a. PDGA Rules and posted out of bounds should be observed during play unless agreef upon by players prior to playing.

b. Maximum of five tags can contested in one round of disc golf unless it is a sanctioned singles league or tournament round.

c. A challenge round can be played at any established course of a least 9 holes that is agreeable to all players involved.

d. At the end of the round bag tags are redistributed with the lowest number tag going to the player with the lowest score, the second lowest to the second lowest score. The player with the lowest number tag is responsible for submitting the scores from the round on

e. Tie scores should be resolved immediately by either another round, sudden death playoff, or closest to the pin in that order of preference. Which ever method used should be noted on the score card.