Tampa Disc Slingers   May 1, 2011 at 9:54am

April Rankings

The first month of play is complete and 9 out of the 15 members have posted a score. Here is where we stand:

#1 Vinny Piperato (194 pts) – Still sitting pretty with 3 wins, but a bad round at Limona just opened the door for those individuals that are wanting to steal the top spot. Vinny hopes that the round from yesterday isn’t the start of a slump. He will be back in June with a beefed up arsenal in order to prevent a major slide.

#2 Chris Meyer (142 pts) – Leap frogs over Victor after a tie for 1st at Limona. Chris still has the same degraded disc arsenal as last year, but it’s perfectly clear now that it does not matter. He is on the verge of moving up a skill level after another stellar performance.

#3 Victor Millar (138 pts) – No movement on points since the last time, but that won’t stop Victor from holding down a top 3 spot. His throws are becoming more accurate as the season plays on, making him a deadlier force to reckon with. Where will he be sitting in a few months when it’s playoff time?

#4 Dan Harvey (130 pts) – No movement on points. Dan will return in May and attempt to climb up the leaderboard. He’s been sliding on his throws recently, but looks to put an end to it with a solid performance at the next event.

#5 Greg Baker-Fitzgerald (92 pts) – No movement on points. He has been busy the past few weeks, but looks to get back out to the course in May to keep up with the rest of the club. There is no word on whether or not he has improved his arsenal, but he has been practicing. Expect another solid performance when he gets the time to show up.

#6 Brandon Smith (90 pts) – He ties for 1st in his first event, but finishes last in the second. Brandon has the capability to recover after a bad performance and apply the pressure once more. As of right now, the ding was only minor and he remains in a playoff spot.

#7 Joe Mangrum (88 pts) – He is still asking himself why did he not make his score at USF count. Joe is not in a bad spot right now and will be seen in a playoff spot if his average performances continue, but he is looking to climb back up to where he was sitting last year… in a top 3 spot.

#8 Will Parson (50 pts) – 1 round recorded… 1 win. He is now the only member that remains perfect. Will has to get out to a few more events with the same intensity, then he will be seen back at the upper tier of players. He does need to be careful though. 1 more stellar performance like yesterday will move him up a skill level.

#9 Greg Cook (46 pts) - A third place finish in his very first disc golf event at a tough course. Not bad for the club’s newest member. He looks like he will be able to challenge for the crown in his rookie year. Knowing Greg, he will be practicing on his throwing accuracy in a large field full of cows, ensuring that he has the capability to keep up with or surpass the more experienced players. Can he keep up the momentum in May?

#10 Scott Artal (0 pts) – He hasn’t been out to an event yet, but his time is coming very soon. Where will he be sitting come June?

#10 Keith Sikes (0 pts) – He hasn’t been out to an event yet. His brother has returned, so expect Keith to be out capturing points in May.

#10 Bryan Pieper (0 pts) – He hasn’t been out to an event yet. Bryan is not expected to debut until sometime in June.

#10 Brian Smith (0 pts) – He hasn’t been out to an event yet. Brian is not expected to debut until sometime in June.

#10 Jason Mayer (0 pts) - His debut is now unknown. He will be on the bubble at the end of next month if nothing is heard from him.

#10 Chris Sikes (0 pts) - He returns and looks to hit the ground running with some solid performances. Can he climb into a playoff spot early and keep it?

The month of May will be slow as there are members that will be unavailable, while others will catch up on missed events. The month of June is when all hell breaks loose.