Local 101 Disc Golf Players Union   April 25, 2011 at 4:08pm


* Registration is filling up fast, so if you're gonna come out, you should sign up asap!!

* Cashless Pre-Reg on DGS - Leave Name/PDGA#/Division in talk section:

* Entry fees can be paid day of or through Paypal to: [email redacted]

* First 90 Ams to pay entry fee will be guaranteed player's pack disc

* Picnic Course will be in by Friday afternoon if you want to get some practice in

* Tee Assignments (Chuck D./Picnic):

Men's Divisions


Open: Black/Orange

Masters: Black/Orange

Grandmasters: Black/Orange

Advanced: Black/Orange

Adv Masters: White/Orange

Adv Grandmasters: White/Orange

Intermediate: White/Orange

Recreational: White/Orange

Novice: Red/Orange

Women's Divisions


Open: White/Orange

Advanced: White/Orange

Intermediate: Red/Orange

Recreational: Red/Orange