DISC GOLF OR DIE   August 19, 2010 at 1:03pm

Ace Race!

So...what a crazy weekend! Thanks to EVERYONE who made it out! I especially want to thank: Bob Horning (for the best disc golf "resort" in the world! Imho), Discraft (for their awesome event style and sweet ace race player packs), DC Dan the Disc-Van-Go man!, Andy, Ang, Arnie, Tim "the sausage guy", and... RICKY for all his hard work.

We had 9 recorded aces all together and a close race for the first place prize.

With three players(two of whom had finished) tied at 1 ace and 2 metal hits, the third... Mike Medlock, with 3 holes left, stepped up to hole one with a crowd awaiting his throw. very calm and cool, "Money" Medlock ripped a line drive directly at the number one painted on the basket for a huge "(((DONG)))" and a third metal hit... just enough to hold on to first place. Congratulations Mike on a fine performance! Mike also won the long drive contest with a huge throw of 500+ feet on his final try, holding off Chris Conrad, who also went near 500ft on multiple throws.

The nine:

Mike "Money" Medlock with 1 ace and 3 metal hits.

Jason Back with 1 ace 2 metal hits

Joel "Jonsey" Jones with 1 ace and 2 metal hits

Jake Swan with 1 ace and 1 metal hit

Mike Myers with 1 ace and 1 metal hit

Mikey Johnson with 1 ace

Logan "O" Robinson with 1 ace

Chris "Conrad" Conrad with 1 ace,

Chris Graham with 1 ace

Long Drive Contest:

1st place Mike Medlock

2nd place Chris Conrad

3rd place "finnin"

Putting Contest Winner:

Chad wick

Mustache Contest Winner:

Josh Pitt



thanks to: Zac, Larry, Tom D, Jayson and Seth for your valiant efforts. My apologies to Jake Swan who didn’t make the contest, but had a very lovely mustache none the less.

To those who ordered player packs.... they're in the mail and I'll be calling you soon! Thanks for coming out!

I really hope everyone had a good time and we'll see you next year!



p.s. Stay tuned for the Bob Horning for Senate fundraiser at Hornings Sept. 25th? More info soon