Black & White   July 19, 2012 at 9:49pm

Summer Skins Success

I just wanted to say thanks to all that came out to play in our first ever disc golf tournament “Summer Skins 2012.” We had a blast and we hope that you did too. Not only did we have the usual group out there we got to see a lot of new faces and have some new competition.

The Top 5:
Joe Paczwa
Stephen Eby
Nate Defrain
Tim Burton
Josh Frisinger

Out of the top 5 we only had one regular Black & White member to place, Tim Burton.

Over the course of the 3 rounds that we played we had 6 different CTP prizes with each prize being given to a different winner.

Overall I believe that Summer Skins was a great success and I plan on hosting one more tournament before the end of the year. As of right now I have posted a poll on our website to determine the format of the next tournament. The poll will be open until Friday the 27th of July so get your vote in while you can and after this poll closes I will post the next one. Keep your ears open, we want to hear from you.