Charlotte Disc Golf Association   July 25, 2010 at 2:17pm

Goodies For Sale!

We still have some goodies for sale here is the list!

Focus with the Ace Race Stamp 4 in ESP 168g-170g $10 ea.

JLS Drivers-2 in white175g $14 ea.

CFR Teerex-X-3 175g $15 ea.

Discraft Hats 1in yellow and 1 in red- $15 ea.

Micro Fiber Towels yellow and orange- $2 ea.

Mini's Innova, CDGA, Skidmore's Village Cyclye Shop and Frank's Party Store- $2 ea.

Full Stash Mini's CDGA, Skidmore's and Franks- $3 ea.

Stickers Discraft and Innova $1 ea.

If anyone is interested, shoot me an e-mail on the scene and let me know what you want, or post it in the talk section of this page

-Mike Kemp