Tampa Disc Slingers   July 12, 2010 at 9:34pm

Vinny Piperato... Perfect No More

New Records are in the books after the greatest battle in Tampa Disc Slinger history:
- Tied record for numbers of competitors
- First tournament to have a playoff
- 2 members played for the first time
- Everyone in the club has now been defeated

After the first 4 holes, Vinny lead the pack at even par with Joe and Chris M. at +1, followed by Will and Chris S. at +2. The remainder of the front 9 is where turmoil began to set in and cause issues for most. Nobody was able to separate fron the pack and take advantage of mistakes.

After 9 holes:
Vinny Piperato +6
Joe Mangrum +6
Will the Token +7
Chris Meyer +7
Chris Sikes +7
Brandon Smith +10
Scott Artal +12

As holes 10-13 were wrapped up and in the books, there was practically no movement on the leaderboard. Everyone was staying within an arms length of one another. Hole 14 is where the problems began as Chris S. and Vinny failed to stay on the narrow path and dropped from the pack. Hole 15 claimed the life of Chris M. as his forehand tee shot sent him into the woods.

After 15 holes:
Will Parson +10
Joe Mangrum +11
Vinny Piperato +12
Chris Sikes +13
Chris Meyer +14
Brandon Smith +17
Scott Artal +21

The short 16th caused no issues, keeping the leaderboard as is. The 17th is where movement started happening. After bogeys by everyone except Joe, the competition was now between 2 individuals going into the 18th hole. With Joe and Will tied, it was up to the longest hole on the course to decide who the champion would be... or would it be up to the 18th? Joe and Will finishes the 18th with bogeys and tie once more.

After 18 holes:
Joe Mangrum +12
Will Parson +12
Vinny Piperato +14
Chris Sikes +15
Chris Meyer +16
Brandon Smith +20
Scott Artal +26

It was decided by both Joe and Will that they will play hole 1 to decide the winner of Weekly Informal 7. With decent tee shots by both competitors, they set up their 2nd shot right next to each other and with a straight shot about 100ft from the basket. Will goes first and takes his disc right-to-left and lands about 30ft out. Joe knows that all he needs to do is get closer to have a higher percentage par shot for the win. With the Innova Wolf in his hand, he sends his second shot to a bounce and ricochet off of a tree. The disc lands 8 feet from the basket. Joe opts to finish and takes an easy par for the hole. It is now up to Will to par a 30ft shot and send this thing into another playoff. He shoots.... it looks like it's going.... ALMOST..... and with about 7ft left, it dies and hangs a left into the dirt.

Joe Mangrum wins Weekly Informal 7 and takes the Victory Monster trophy. Now all he needs to do is stay focused and defend the title during Weekly Informal 8 at Buckhorn.