The Movementarians   June 22, 2010 at 8:09am

The Movement

It’s happened to many of us.....

You step up to the tee pad and you see the perfect line that you’d like to take. You choose the disc out of your bag that you’re going to finesse along that line and you imagine the triumphant feeling you’ll get when the disc flies clean and parks itself right by the basket.

On your final look before you throw you glance upward and decide on a ‘different shot’. As you turn the disc over in your hand everyone else on your card shakes their head in disgust and you hurl the disc overhand like a bad miss on a high five. The disc flies up and over and hits its target, but you feel like there is still something wrong with your shot. Where was that great feeling that you envisioned after making the perfect shot? It’s not there. Instead you are left with a sore arm and an empty feeling like you not only took the easy way out, but you cheated the game itself.

You should’ve thrown a backhand......We feel for you friend.

The anti-thumber movement has begun and it made its debut at The Shire on June 5th stating one simple rule: NO THUMBERS (or tomahawks) OFF THE TEE.

By joining the movement you have made an oath to never to throw an overhand shot off the tee pad, and by doing so you become a movementarian. As a movementarian you then join a unique class of disc golfers that believe in the true design of the game and the true design of how a disc was meant to fly. And ya, you also get a movement number!