Flatrock DGC   October 12, 2009 at 4:11pm

Flatrock Annual Meeting Minutes

Flat Rock Disc Golf Club
Annual Meeting Minutes
October 1st, 2009

Thank you Dave Richardson for setting up the accommodations for the meeting. The food and the service was great!

In Attendance: Sean & Helen Franchi, Rob Walker, Derek Brazauskas, Jim Bobka, Arty Graustein and Dave Richardson.

Overview/History: Flat Rock was established as a 9-hole course in 1999.
It became a 12-hole course by Autumn of 2000.
The 18-hole layout as it exists today was completed in April of 2004.

Beginning in May of 2000 and ending in September of 2007 there were a total of 9 Zoning Board of Appeals hearings, 2 Town Meetings, 4 Planning board hearings, 2 Finance committee hearings and 9 Master Plan Committee meetings.

Finally, after much debate, on September 26th, 2007 The Town of Athol Zoning Board of Appeals issued a Permit for the Franchi’s to operate a Disc Golf Course as a Non- Profit Club.

The Club obtained non-profit status through the IRS as a 501c-4 social organization in October of 2007 and opened for business in May of 2008.

Flat-Rock Disc Golf Club’s mission is to preserve a landscape for health, fun and friendly competition.

Financial Update:

Expenses - have totaled $10775 from the date the club permit was issued in Sept. 2007 to the present. *There is a correction however and the total is $10850. We neglected to include the accountant fee of $75.00.
*Anyone who was not at the meeting and would like a copy of the agenda can get one at the course.

Income - between annual and daily memberships for 2008-2009, the club has generated approximately $2210 of income. This has been invested back in to the course.

Regarding Memberships for 2010:

Membership fees stand at $5/daily, $25/yearly w/ NEFA, $50/yearly non-NEFA, and $75 Family.
Returning members will have a grace period from Jan1st. - March1st. Helen will email membership renewal reminders beginning in Jan. After March, lapsed members will have to pay a daily fee.
It was suggested that to become a Lifetime Member, one would have to buy the course a basket (approx. $450) for the available hole of their choice.

Suggestions to attract new members and to “grow the club” :

Debate about beginning to replace old baskets w/new. As much as many people like the “home grown” feel about the Flat Rock, in the end, new baskets are inevitable. Sean’s meeting w/ the procurement officer at Monty Tech about their class making baskets was negative. Possibly approach Franklin Tech? Jim Bobka will consult w/his welding brother about the cost of making baskets (the BobKatcher!). Have fundraising events for baskets? Helen will research grant options.
Run clinics during school vacations, summer. Members volunteer to coach, assist or exhibit. * Members who want to help will have to self- CORI through their local police station. More details on this to come. Beginner/Family Days (include rain dates). Events where members bring someone new. (If anyone has an idea of what to call this that is catchy, please pass it on!)
Exhibit at local festivals
Let the ACE Pot grow. (How easy is it to ACE at Flat Rock? So far there have been 4 Aces.)
Advertise w/flyers, web page or website. Anyone want to help in this area?
Pro-shop/club house.
Signage from Rt. 2

Goals of the club and suggestions for improvement:

Left of hole #1 , clean out
Right side of Hole #12
Repair net/fence behind basket #15
Concrete T-Pads
Bridge over wetlands to get to the ‘back 6’
Remove ‘widow makers/dead standing trees’ on #1 and #10
Thin out undergrowth on #1, #7 and #8.
Railing alongside wooden bridge
Elevate a basket or two?
“League Invasions” - Play a new course as a club 1 x per month. Third Sunday of each month designated beginning on October 18th. (Sean will be away this weekend) Where:--------------------- Time:-------------------------