Neighborhood Frisbee Golf Association   March 22, 2012 at 9:01pm

NFGA 2012


The Neighborhood Frisbee Golf Association is a competitive Frisbee-Disc Golf fusion sport played in any neighborhood throughout the world.

Frisbee Golf is scored just like ball golf. The number of throws it takes to hit the predetermined target is your score for that hole.

A course does not have a standard number of holes like ball golf (18). It can have as many as your group wants. The only exception to this rule is during tournament play. Tournament play requires that you play the same number of holes for each round of the tournament.

Unlike Disc-Golf, the NFGA uses one standard size 175 gram (Ultimate) Frisbee for all shots.

Players choose a target (Hole) down the street (Fairway), establish throwing area boundaries (Tee) and decide on an appropriate number of shots (PAR) to reach the target and throw!

Play the Frisbee as it lies! Players are allowed to make as many steps to gain momentum and power as long as they do not pass the Tee box, or their current lie. Players may take one step with a pivot foot on the original lie to avoid hazards.

If a Frisbee lands in a gutter, or sewer and us unplayable, the player is assessed 1 penalty stroke, and must play the next shot from the closest in bounds lie but no closer to the hole.

This game was created to have fun, and spend some time with your buddies. Our core group meets every Wednesday @ 6:00 pm in the Peachtree Walk Subdivision (Duluth, Ga). If you're interested and want to play, come on out! We're always looking for more people. If you can't come out, just get a game together in your own neighborhood, and let us know how it goes. Now get out on your front porch.... and go BIG!