Tuesdays at Wortman   October 15, 2012 at 9:34pm

Course for October 16th

Let's try to get another 12 hole course in.

Hole 1: Tee behind crack in road by tree up from teepad 1 to basket 2. In or over creek OB. On or over road left OB.

Hole 2: Hole 3.

Hole 3: Teepad 4 to portable basket by bench. On or over path OB.

Hole 4: Tee off path on way to teepad 4 to basket 4.

Hole 5: Teepad 9 to basket 5. Must land over path on drive. Re-tee. If you don't land over path on second drive. Another penalty, nearest point of relief in bounds.

Hole 6: Tee off path up from teepad 6 to basket 6. On or over path right OB.

Hole 7: Hole 7.

Hole 8: Hole 8. In or over creek OB.

Hole 9: Hole 10.

Hole 10: Hole 11.

Hole 11: Hole 12. Must land between paths on drive. Re-tee. After second drive. Take penalty, nearst point of relief inbounds.

Hole 12: Tee off path by basket 12 to basket 1. CTP hole.