Discin' In The Dark 2012   September 20, 2012 at 11:16pm

Estabrook Week 2

We had a wonderful turnout for Week 2 of Discin In The Dark. I'd love to see those numbers keep improving and with Dretzka only having one more week, I imagine we might see really good numbers on October 2nd at Dretzka Park for the original 18 holes.

First let me thank Greg Klein, Bob Bawden, and any of the other regular helpers at Estabrook Park for the additional pin positions and all of the woodchips that got spread this summer. I really like the basket location on #4, it is unique and fun, and I really like how you were able to stretch out #6 to be a nice longer hole with a moderate hyzer line (something missing on many holes at Estabrook).

In this weeks action we saw an unrated player Josh Kernosky show up and want to play for cash so he played open . . . and won with a (-4). Pete Parsons who is an Estabrook regular showed up and shot a (-1) while Scott Slauson had a rough week with an (E).

In Intermediate we saw Dustin Skorupinski take the win with a (-4) which also tied the top Open score. He stretches his lead on the field . . . especially because he and Ben Habanek did their playoff from Week 1 and he also gained another .5 point for that playoff win. I played pretty well but had a very uncharacterisitcly terrible upshot from about 80' on #6. I have no idea what I did but it cost me a bogey and I finished at (-3), while Ben Habanek and newcomer Kevin Last shot (-2). Newcomer Grey Siech was only 2 shots out of the tie for 3rd and Estabrook regulars Greg Klein and Bob Bawden were right there too with (+1) and (E) respectively. That is encouraging that everyone int he flight was within 5 strokes of each other, which will make for great competition!

In Recreational we saw Gary Obernberger or as I like to refer to him as "Sancho" shot a very respectable (-3) and immediately asked me if he was bagging it in Rec. As I stated when I set up this league . . . it is all based on rating and noone will be forced to move from their division until their rating changes. I expect the others in that division to show Gary what they have next week on the Alternate 9 at Dretzka. Mike Ellery ended up in second with a (+2), and there was a 3 way tie at (+5) with JD Cottrill, Greg Weber, and Scott Smogoleski. I know you all can do better than that and you should all be good competition for each other the rest of the season! Aside from Gary, this would have been a really tight battle.

In the Unrated division we saw 3 new people show up along with Bryan Starl (-1) and Keegan Wenzler (+1). Ryan Zientek shot a (+13), Ryan Duffy had a (+18) and Mike Weiland had a (+19). I look forward to seeing you guys again and maybe at a different course to compare your skills against these same people.

We only had one woman competitor Loretta Ellery who had a (+16). Thanks for coming out Loretta, I hope we can draw a few other women out to some of these fun league rounds!

No ace was hit for the second week so the Ace Pool is built up to $27 heading into a course with a few potential ace opportunities.

We will be playing the alternate 9 at Dretzka and I might try and find some alternate tees so that we do not play the exact same holes. What do you all think? Play the same 9 twice or set up some alternate tees so shake it up a bit?