2012 Carey Park Summer League   July 11, 2012 at 8:14pm

Deuce Or Die

With the help of Scott Carpenter, an alternate course layout has been devised to accommodate the "Deuce or Die" format. Essentially, each hole is a shorter length (150' to 250') and is capable of being completed in two strokes. Scoring is based on a pass/fail system:

Scoring system:
"Passing" a hole (ace, eagle, birdie) = 3 points
"Stringing" (hitting consecutive birdies) = 1 point

Metal hit on tee shot (cage or above only) = 1 point
Ace = 5 points
"Failing" a hole = 0 points

The Ace Fund for this week's format will be altered just a bit. There will be two CTP contests throughout the course. The first will be awarded as usual while the second will be a conditional prize. If an ace is recorded, that person will receive the second CTP pot. If no aces are recorded, the pot will be awarded to the winner of the conditional CTP hole.

See you all tomorrow night!