Ypsi Dubs 2012 Summer League -={Church}=- Sundays   August 6, 2012 at 11:17am

Ypsi Dubs -={Church}=- Final standings and awards

Well "Ypsi Dubs 2012 Summer League -={Church}=- Sundays" has wrapped up and I rambled on in the Tuesday league post so I'll try and keep this one shorter and to the Points....

Well 17 weeks of the Summer -={Church}=- league. As most know -={Church}=- league continues all year long so no reason to lose faith. Tuesdays will continue until we run out of light and the park close to early. Matt is looking to do Glow at Brown again this year.

Ok let's look at the season: 17 rounds, 134 unique players - 8 more players than Tuesdays that is a switch this year.

What does it take to be in the top overall? About 21 to 29 points on average each week and you probably need to play and average of 13.66667 weeks - well that is looking at the top three players.

16 rounds recorded
358 total points (1st overall)

12 rounds recorded
348 total points (2nd overall)

13 rounds recorded
272 total points (3rd overall)

Yes that would be:
1 Sam Smith 358
2 Mike Raley 348
3 Ron Howard 272

The Ypsi Dubs perpetual plague in the lodge will be updated soon to immortalize your achievements - Great season

Great season guys, way to set the bar and keep the pressure on all season. Since Sam, Mike, Ron and Framo already secured their berths and Smitty & Jake had to pass this year we are excited to be able to award the MDGO Michigan State Disc Golf Championship berth to Mike "Skip" Howard.

For the ladies -

11 rounds recorded
72 total points (41st overall)

Lisa Hartman - takes the top women's spot for Ypsi Dubs -={Church}=- and we are extremely happy that Lisa will be able go up to the State Championship this year.

We also plan on starting a Handicapped singles leagues soon. Disc Golf Scene is implementing some enhancements to help with handicapped leagues. Watch for posts on this soon. Remember that even when Tuesdays end you can keep in touch with "Family" and save your soul at ~={CHURCH}=~ on Sunday mornings all year long.

Overall standings - top 19 places
Player Points
1 Sam Smith 358
2 Mike Raley 348
3 Ron Howard 272
4 Michael Frame-O Frame 258
5 Jake Schooley 238
6 Smitty The angry lefty 237
7 Mike Howard 234
8 Bruno Drouillard 230
9 Ken Parks 208
10 Mark Manard 196
11 Harvey Drouillard 182
12 Derek Trinkle 180
13 Matt Schooley 176
14 Chilly Chillson 163
15 Jay Adamski 162
16 Bob Derkacz 160
17 Jim (JD) Daniels 154
18 John Bee 148
19 Foz Miller 144
19 Dan Whitlock 144
19 Bobby Mcaleer 144