Eastside Ace Run League   June 11, 2012 at 10:00pm

Disc golf lottery builds

Hope to see everybody out tomorrow night for a chance at the ace pool. There will be a couple of quick announcements before teeoff. We also have some discs available to win as well. THERE WILL BE A ONE DISC CHALLENGE THE WEEK FOLLOWING THE NEXT ACE!!! Here is a quick reminder of the format

$5 random dubs

$5 ACE POOL ($1 from every entry goes into the playoff pot)

$1 ctp

CALI has option to pay an additional $5 for their 2nd throw

15 pts- ACE

10 pts- final score of -24 or better

5 pts- DOT ( basket or higher- no bottom pole)

5 pts- first place score

3 pts- second place score

2 pts- third place score

1 pt - showing up