Fountain City Flyerz Bag Tag Challenge   May 30, 2012 at 12:44pm

Grown ups

OK guys. I understand the rules are exploitable and are never going to make everyone happy. After talking with people about this there are major loopholes in the rules. I'm sorry that I am not a lawyer and couldn't figure out every single little loophole in the system so I feel the fairest thing to do at this point is to stick to the original rules and if people don't like those rules or can't play the way it was originally designed then we will give an option for the club to buy back your tag and open it for sale at 6PM on Sunday the 3rd of June. It's either that or forbid the 2 people that are upset from challenging or accepting challenges from each other.

If we follow the rules to a tee then essentially a challenge was made, a place was set, and 2 times were given. Neither of those times were acceptable to the challenger so the challenge is null and void end of story. It has always been a rule that the times set must be reasonable. So if you are setting challenges that are impossible to get to due to it interfering with someones work schedule then it is not something I consider reasonable. Both times need to not interfere with peoples work schedule and allow for travel time as well.

The original rules stated that all parties would have to agree to to a league match or tournament round to be counted as a bag tag challenge as well. I never thought that we would have a problem of people playing out of their divisions to challenge someone to a bag tag challenge, So I didn't account for that. I have seen rules all over the internet and most rules state that if you are on the same card and playing the same tee set you can't deny a challenge. I don't think this accounted for people purposely playing out of their division to win a tag, which is just another way to exploit the rules.

I want to see this thing settled and this mess cleared up ASAP and not have to refund money but if people can't settle on a location then I have no choice.

I will even offer to pick both people up in Defiance at 5PM on either Thursday or Friday and take them to Ottawa then drop them off again when we are done. I will not charge gas and I have room for one more to see this epic battle go down. First come first serve on the extra available spot, and yes we can make it a challenge with four people if all agree to it.