Wickham Tuesday Handicap League   April 12, 2012 at 1:30pm

Results w/Handicap for 4/10/12

9 players on opening night for league.

Ace pot $9

Course fund $9

CTP Hole 2 Pro Destroyer donated by JJ won by Grgr

CTT hole 3 Piece of rubber hose (PJ Dan whacker) and a used/slightly used specimen vial donated by JJ won by Alto (donated back to league for future use)

Big Weiners

1st Grgr 54-2=52 $30

2nd Nickel 55-3=52 $10

3rd Lick 60-8=52 $5

The tie was broken by lowest HC


1 grgr 54

12 nickel 55

22 alto 58

74 dittermange 60

78 lick 60

* JJ 60

84 mike b 62

85 mullen 63

* todd 64

Thanks for coming out, hope to see more players in the future. I will not be around 4/17 (working) If somebody would like to run league I will get you the HC or y'all can just play for fun and tags.


PS Big thanks to Alto for helping out and JJ and Grgr for league donations.