The Willamette Valley Bag Tag Challenge 2011   December 4, 2011 at 2:50pm

President's Cup 2011

That...was...AWESOME! Congrats to the victors. A couple folks ran off with the wrong tags, so let's trade and get 'em right. I've updated the list. If you played in the President's cup, the number listed here is correct. Please help your internet challenged friends so we all get the correct tags. I have three left-overs in my car:

#31-Mike Key
#35-Hoops (Has #27, which should by Bryan's)
#39-Doug Ulfers (Has Banner's #40)

Thanks Guys.

Also, I am sitting down this evening to put together some dates for us to vote on for our Bag Tag Finale. I know league play has dwindled some, as has tag reporting. That's OK, but let's shoot this dying horse and make some freakin glue!

I have about $400 left in the league coffers. $200 will go to top 10 tags at the end of the finale, $200 will go toward a sweet practice basket that will be in play for a select number of the WORST tags coming in to the finale (Remember rule number #, you crafty ones. Don't be baggin' for a basket now!)

Another twist for the Finale: We will be playing one standard, stroke play round to determine an initial order of tags. In that round, you will play for tags 1,10,20,30,and 40. (For example, if you have tag 40-49 coming in, you will play for the 40 tag, 30-39 will play for the 30 tag, etc.) So essentially, 10,20,30,and 40 will be wild cards for the final round (Again, no bagging, rule number 1, God of Disc Golf will hate you forever, etc)

The final round will then be a single elimination Match play round involving #1 - #13, #20, #30, #40, after the stroke play round. (This is to make 16 final players, which will make the Match play bracket run smoothly--(see poor Dave's bracket woes from the first match play tourney).

Look for a Doodle Poll soon, once I get some dates figured out. I will probably use the most popular date, but realize that some folks don't use internet regularly, so I'm going to use several methods (including texting votes) to figure out a date that will work for the most people. Obviously, someone is going to have prior obligations that will conflict, but we will do our best.