DGOD! Dubs   November 23, 2011 at 9:55pm


We made it! its week 11 of DGOD DUBS and this friday will be our finals. top 12 points players will be fighting for 1st place, which is a set of custom Ingmar Inked discs and a fat stack of cash!!! dont worry, if you didnt make the top 12 you can still come play, you just are playing in your own prize pool, wont have to worry about playing against the top guys and all the money that you put in will stay in your own prize pool, which is cool. There will be multiple CTP's. The Ace pot has still not been hit this year... it is up to $259!!! if it doesnt get hit we will be doing something quick and cool to decide who's walkin away with some ace money. dont miss out!

Playing Glow Rounds again. Sign-ups end at 6:30p. just like last week (anyone who was here last week... just shut... shut your mouth.)

if you have any LED's or Batteries please bring them.

Cant Wait!