DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2011   August 19, 2011 at 11:39pm

Summer 2011 Season Recap

Thanks all of the league coordinators and players that made this a summer to remember in Michigan disc golf. 47 leagues and 696 players! The final point tally is in, and your summer 2011 league champion is.. Mike Henry! (no surprise there)!

Here is the how the top 10 finished:
1 Mike Henry 940 (49 rounds)
2 Dj Hunt 905 (39 rounds)
3 Ben Calhoun 854 (52 rounds)
4 Dave Milewski 843 (38 rounds)
5 Kurt Maty 816 (64! rounds)
6 Travis Smith 796 (46 rounds)
7 Ben Ciccarelli 776 (44 rounds)
8 bob smart 751 (31 rounds)
9 andy steiner 750 (34 rounds)
10 Jon Londer 726 (35 rounds)

Full leaderboard here:

We would love to give out some bigger awards to the leaders, and we are working on that. This season was all about honing in on a fair and balanced point system, and we are just about there. We are looking at ways of raising funds to be able to provide some nice prizes in future league seasons.

So we did have some berths to the MDGO state finals to award, and those people have been contacted. We awarded five berths to the top five in points who don't already have a berth. We also awarded berths to the top two women in the point series, and finally awarded one berth to the person with the most rounds overall. We are waiting on confirmation from a few winners, so we will announce that once all have confirmed.

Most rounds posted was Kurt Maty with 64.
Highest points per round average (more than 10 rounds) was Michael Carlson at 32 and highest overall was greg lane at 48.7.

Thanks to all of the people that made this a great summer league season. We'll be posting details about the winter 2011-2012 Michigan Cooperative Point Series soon! A big thanks to Pete Crist, who's website made all of this possible. Also thanks to Kurt Maty and Matt Wiles for each donating a berth to be awarded.

We always welcome feedback, so feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you think about this new style of organized league play in disc golf. All suggestions and feedback are welcome!

Cheers, Scott and Foz