2011 Tuesday Twos   August 17, 2011 at 12:49pm

Finals details

With the regular season in the books, the playoff picture is now a little clearer.

First and foremost - congratulations to Luis Nava who is the 2011 regular season points champion with 197. Luis Narrowly edged out Albert Ricker (194) and Andrew Nava (191) in a tight race.

The top 16 players will make the finals:

Luis Nava

Albert Ricker

Andrew Nava

Dave Clement

Matt Schroeder

Steve Gelhar

James McMillan

Kent Smothers

Crist Garcia

Scott Hill

Kevin Brito

Craig Falkowski

Dan Luke

Steve Ellis

Ben Gookin

Roy Black

Nice Job, everyone!

Players in the playoffs will need to pay $5.00 to play the final week (this is a change from last year). The money collected will be added to the finals payout.

The finals payout will be as follows:

First Place: $120

Second Place: $80

Third Place: $44

Can you play on the 23rd if you didn't make the playoffs? YES! YES! YES! We will have two pools of play: The playoff pool and the general pool. If you are in the general pool you will receive a partner randomly from someone else in the general pool. Players from the general pool will be playing for prize money collected from the entry fees of the general pool only. They will not be elligible to win prize money from the playoff pool (this is a change from last year).

There will be one ace pot for everyone.

We will have a CTP throw-off on hole one if no aces are hit in the final week. Payout will be 75% of the ace pot to the closest to the pole and 25% to the second closest.

Thanks to everyone for a great 2011 Tuesday Twos season! Have fun!